Road Safety




Road Safety

Road safety is a priority objective for the company's management, which is why Disfrimur promotes preventive measures dissemination activities and road safety campaigns, training actions with practical simulators for drivers, etc.

Since 2005 the Road Safety Days have been held annually. These conferences held at the facilities of the company Disfrimur aim to raise awareness among all drivers and their families of the importance of safe and effective driving to promote road safety in transport.

Designed in a leisure and fun environment that they can enjoy with their whole family, the little ones begin to become aware of the importance of safe driving to avoid risky situations behind the wheel.

This novel approach is a fun and enjoyable way for participating drivers to develop their driving skills and gain new insights on how to best react in hostile situations. Drivers practice overturning and braking drills on sliding pavement, among others.

Simultaneously, training activities are carried out throughout the year.